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Educate your children through funny and animated videos. We will help them learn and grow up effectively and efficiently.


Let your child explore and enhance their skills by watching multiple things around the world in addition to basic education.

Chhota Baby TV, ABC, 123, Hindi Varnamala (Alphabet) Nursery Rhymes For Baby Songs Video

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nursery rhymes in hindiChhota Baby TV is an educational and cheerful platform specializing in providing elementary information through animated cartoon videos. All Chhota babies are welcomed on the platform of Chhota Baby TV where kids will get to learn primary things. We understand that every child is exclusive and has a human right of education and hence our premier objective is to eliminate the illiteracy from our nation by educating the children including those 60 million of ages between 6- 14 years who are not able to go to school. Our committed team cares for the poor children and is devoted to make the parents feel relaxed when their kids are going to watch and learn through videos. Chhota Baby TV focuses in creating and animating fun videos that make kids learn about Basics: alphabets, numbers, colors, shapes, insects, counting, animals, rhymes, stories, Sleeping songs, sport activities, playing activities, habits, healthy food, Exercise and many more things which will cover kids all over development educational, physical, environmental Intermediate: Activities, Puzzles, Brainstorming other learning activities. Advance: Solution of kid’s school subjects problems, doubts, confusions. Read More